The objectives of Maplewood Baptist Academy in the education of young people are as follows:

1.  To lead students to a personal knowledge of Christ as Saviour

2.  To prepare students spiritually by instilling in them a love for the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and a sincere personal desire to be exactly what God wants them to be.

3.  To prepare students to serve God effectively.

4.  To challenge students to think clearly, logically, and independently.

5.  To offer an instructional program that meets the academic needs of each student.

6.  To develop within each student an understanding of the world in which he/she lives and an ability to appreciate and contribute to the culture and community in which he/she lives.

7.  To help each student develop a sense of personal responsibility as an involved, educated, Christian citizen.

8.  To develop in students a moral, ethical, and spiritual discernment, which will aid them in decision making and the edification of others.

9.  To provide students with opportunities to develop an understanding of and in appreciation for the arts as well as contributing to them.

10.  To provide students with the kind of character and attitudes which are necessary in becoming productive adults.

11.  To offer opportunities for students to participate in wholesome forms of recreation social development.

12.  To prepare each student for a productive position in life by challenging the child to be balanced in his/her appreciation for each area of interest and opportunity which God has given.

13.  To prepare the student so that, upon graduation, he/she will be able to be successful in an area of higher education.