1.  All new students must fill out an application and arrange an interview with the school board (a minimum of four members must be present).

2.  No decision will be made at the time of the meeting, but families will be notified of the board’s decision within 48 hours.

3.  A health record, including immunization form (as required by the State of Michigan) must be on record for each student.

4.  No registration is considered complete until the first month’s tuition is paid.

5.  Each student will need a King James Version of the Bible.  No other versions will be permitted.  Inexpensive Bibles are available from our church office.



1.  Our program is college preparatory.  We may find it beyond our limited abilities work with some students with exceptional or behavioural needs.

2.  Maplewood Baptist Academy, as a private institution, reserves the privilege of setting and maintaining its own standards for student conduct, dress, cleanliness and scholarship.

3.  The school maintains the right to refuse admittance to anyone who violates the standards set down in the handbook or other rules of conduct, as defined by the administration.

4.  The administration also reserves the right of not defining the reasons when applications are not accepted.

5.  Returning students and their siblings, whether from member or non-member families, will have priority over new students when enrolling for the next year.

6.  No application will be complete without the first month’s tuition paid by July 1st.

7.  Administration of our admission policies, education policies, rules, standards and all school administered programs is without regard to race, color, ethnic, or national origins.

8.  A conference between the parent(s), with the student present, and the administration is necessary prior to enrollment of any student to determine whether or not the academy can be an effective extension of the home.

9.  There will be a nine week probationary period for all new students.